Thursday, November 7, 2013

Work Workout and Some Eats

For Tuesday's workout I went to the gym that is in my work building. It's in the basement. There are no windows. It's small. But it does the trick - there are some treadmills, weights, machines. Everything you really need to get a workout in. I'm not complaining because I feel super lucky to have the option to workout at lunch at work.

I tend to lift in a circuit fashion - which means I do 3 different exercises in a row without stopping in between. It allows one muscle group to rest for the next set on that muscle group while working on another one so you get a little cardio action in. 

My workout - 

Side Hypers - set of 15 with a 10 lb weight
Deep Squats - set of 15 with a 10 lb weight
Bicep Curls - set of 15 with two 15 lb dumbells
Repeat this circuit 3 times

Deep Dips - set of 15
Plank - 1 minute
Chest Flies - set of 15
Repeat this circuit 3 times

Elevated sit ups - set of 15
Lunges - 10 on each side with a 10 lb weight
Repeat this circuit 3 times

It was a great workout and I'm still feeling it in my legs today.

After my workout I heated up the soup I brought for a lunch. An amazing Thai Coconut Red Curry soup I made over the weekend. 

Tuesday night we cooked up a new recipe I found in this month's Cooking Light magazine: 
Beef Tenderloin, Swiss Chard, and Caramelized Fennel Tacos

We cut up the fennel and onions and cooked them in a little olive oil, salt and pepper:
Then we cooked up the Beef which we covered with Coriander, White Pepper, Black Pepper and Red Pepper. Delish!
We squeezed some lemon over some swiss chard and grilled some corn tortillas. The result was really delicious. We paired our tacos with a glass of Excelsior Brewing's Pale Ale that we had a growler of. 

It was a great night and K was full of smiles all night too. 

I'm off to the gym for a run this afternoon, so I'll catch up again soon. Last night K started rolling onto his stomach while swaddled, so we can't swaddle him anymore. That means a few nights (at least) of little sleep for this mama (and his dad too). I'm sure I'll detail that in my next post, along with what I did on Wednesday. I have every other Wednesday off from work to spend with my kiddo, so I'll be sure to share on here what we find to do on those really great days together. 

What's your favorite winter workout?

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