Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend before Thanksgiving

Hello - Happy Monday. I am actually typing this Sunday night but I will wait to post it until Monday morning when normal people are awake. :)

Before I start in on the weekend: Friday's workout

Workout: Treadmill Run
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 32:32
Pace: 8:08/mile

I had a good run and some friendly competition on the treadmill next to me to motivate me to get in a good run. I was happy to get in my third run of the week (per my goal - you all remember) before the weekend started.

Friday night we made a new recipe out of Cooking Light - Minestrone with spicy turkey sausage and chickpeas. It was a relatively easy recipe to make. The flavors were awesome. We will definitely be making this soup again. I forgot to take a picture - so I'm stealing one from the internet :) This is exactly what it turned out like though, except we paired ours with a big old Wheat Bun from Breadsmith - amazing! 

Saturday we cleaned the house and installed some new stuff - like a new Fox Hook for K's room. We started to decorate for Christmas even though I know it's silly to start so early. I literally could not help myself. We put up the outdoor lights - although we won't turn them on until Friday. And I put up some decorations inside. We'll put up the tree on Sunday. 

Sunday morning we put together a slow cooker recipe - also from Cooking Light magazine - Cuban Pulled Pork with Rice and Beans. It took us about 45 minutes to put together. It was a fun new recipe with a few interesting mixtures that I would have never thought of. 

While that cooked on low for 8 hours, we had Tom and Elise come over to watch the Vikings vs. Packers game. Luckily for us their cable went out on Saturday night and they asked to come over. It was an improptu get together - and we loved every minute of it. 

Just a couple of dads with their kiddos :) Boy how our lives have changed in the last year.

After they left we hung out for awhile and prepped the last parts of the slow cooker recipe. We made some rice and put together the fresh salsa that goes on top. The meal was AMAZING. We will be making this again and luckily for us the recipe made a ton. We'll eat it for dinner again tonight and then freeze some for some future meals. 

I am definitely planning on hitting the gym today. I am hoping to get down there all three work days this week. Otherwise I'll have to run over to the LA Fitness by our house on Friday to get in a run. We have crazy Thanksgiving plans. Thursday with Pete's mom, Friday with Pete's dad and Saturday with my mom and stepdad. Whew. Looking forward to quality time with the families though and probably some amazing food. 

Is anyone lucky enough to be going out of town somewhere fun over the Thanksgiving holiday?

Here's the recipe for the Pork if anyone is interested. Warning that it makes a lot!

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