Tuesday, November 12, 2013


One of the primary reasons I started this blog was to have to hold myself accountable to some type of running goals. After K was born and I was able to start running again, my first running goal was to run 3 times a week. A run would have to be at least 3 miles long in order to count, but other than that the goal had no other "rules" attached to it. It certainly was motivation on quite a few Sundays to get that 3rd run in. And go figure - the week I started my blog is the first week since K was 4 weeks old that I did NOT run 3 times. Running Goal Fail. I was so tired on Sunday after a really tough sleep weekend with K being up a TON in the middle of the night and a yard full of 18 big bags of leaves. I mean inserting piles of leaves into that many bags can make a girl tired. Good thing I didn't have to RAKE any of the leaves (insert raking expert husband). And well... instead of running on Sunday I dragged my husband to Pizza Luce for a pint of Surly Furious. Sometimes a running mama just needs a beer.

So perhaps it's the perfect time to recommit to that goal. To say out loud to all my readers (even though there are likely only 3 of you out there) that I am RE-committing to running 3 times per week. My other running goal is to run 8 minute miles. I'll slowly increase my speed over the coming weeks and try to get in some solid runs at an 8:00 pace.

Monday's run was good. A far cry from the pain and horror that I endured on Thursday's run. I felt good. I was BREATHING instead of wheezing. I was gliding instead of clomping.

Distance: 4.5 miles
Time: 37:07
Pace: 8:15/mile

Now I want to reiterate that I'm on a treadmill. So they aren't really, truly 8:15/miles. But for the purpose of winter training all I can do is improve the pace on the treadmill and I'll deal with my outdoor pace come spring time.

So here I've gone and said it out loud. Ladies and gentleman - we have some running goals!

Work has been crazy busy - so working out during lunch at work is becoming increasingly more difficult. Which is fine. I love my job and I like being busy. It's just hard to work out a lot when you have a BABY! Life is good. We have some great plans this week that I'm looking forward to. I'll try to pop on and tell you a little about my week. Before I go I'll leave you with this recipe - which we made yesterday. I'm not necessarily suggesting this recipe because it blew my mind. Because it didn't. But it's healthy, and it was easy and with a little salt added on the plate I really liked it. We tossed the ingredients into the slow cooker and when we got home it was done. I love meals that work like that!



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