Monday, November 11, 2013

One of those runs

Do you ever have one of those runs - where you hit the pavement (or the treadmill) and it just feels really GREAT!?!? Your breathing is right on. Your legs feel great. You surprise yourself with your pace and add on an extra mile at the end.

It's those days that make you get out of the shower thinking I'm going to sign up for a Turkey Trot 10K! I'm going to PR my next race. I'm in such great shape!!

Last week, Thursday's run was NOT one of those runs. Thursday's run was the antithesis of that run. I don't know if it was because of how sore my quads were from the deep squats I did on Tuesday - clearly indicating that I'm not doing squats enough! Or if it was because I was really tired from being up with an adorable and very awake baby for a lot of the night. But Thursday's run was horrible. As in horrendous. As in I couldn't find a breathing rhythm that wasn't loud to my treadmill neighbors. I couldn't get the nasty stitch out of the right side of my guts for the. entire. run. My legs hurt that whole time. I mean normally you can run that lactic acid out in the first mile. But on Thursday's run? NOOOooooo!!! That did NOT happen. It was everything I had both physically and mentally to clock in my 4 miles. It was one of those horrible run days. I know we all have them. It's the kind of run that makes you question - am I really in that great of shape? Ha! But we have those runs and we move on, cringing inside hoping we never have one of those days on a race day. :)

On a happier note - let me tell you a little about my Wednesday. My husband and I had baby K almost 4 months ago now. Time is flying! When I came back to work, I missed my little dude SO MUCH. I don't want to be a stay at home mom, but I felt like working full time wasn't giving me enough time with him. Those daycare ladies, as amazing as they are, were getting all of those amazing little man smiles. And I felt like I was missing out on quality time with the newest, most important person in my life. So my husband and I talked and we agreed that I could take a 10% pay cut at work and start taking every other Wednesday off to spend time with K as he grows up. I was so happy that we were in a financial situation that this pay cut was possible and that my husband was so supportive of the idea when I brought it up. In fact he pretty much told me it was something I needed to do, both for me and for K. Anyway - so this week was one of those week's where I get to hang with my dude, and he was all smiles, all day.

We woke up and hung out around the house. I got a ton done - laundry, dishes, etc. and we played together.

Then we loaded up and headed to Target and to Jimmy Johns for some lunch. I was picking up lunch for me, but also for my best friend and her husband who just had their baby 3 weeks ago. I was in serious need of some time with that adorable baby! We headed over to hang out, just a couple of new moms, hanging with our adorable babies. I can't get enough of little E - she's perfect and amazing and so dang cute. 

We had a great day hanging out with my friend and then we headed home. K fell asleep on the ride home so I took the opportunity when we got home to make a batch of Banana Oat muffins - dairy free version since K has been having issues with dairy since he's been born and so I can't really eat it for the time being. Maybe I'll post the recipe, but it's pretty dang healthy and probably most people don't eat quite like that :) Anyway - muffins in the oven, I made a Merry Christmas banner because I can't WAIT to decorate for Christmas this year, even though I'll force myself to wait until after Thanksgiving. (maybe). Then I started putting up that plastic window insulator. If you are from MN you know what I mean. Our living room window is a little drafty and that's where K's exersaucer is so I wanted to get that up. It was a super productive day and I loved all the time with my dude. 

On Friday - we headed to Winona for my Uncle's wedding. It was great to be back at my Alma Mater and to see those two be able to get married. Friday night K did NOT sleep at the hotel - not as in didn't sleep well at the hotel - as in - DID NOT SLEEP. I think we got about 4.5 hours of total sleep. Blech. It was a tough night. Saturday was tough just because I was so pooped. Passed out on the couch at 9pm with my hip all twisted but apparently didn't care and didn't wake up in pain, until an hour later and I was so sore I could barely walk. So yeah, I guess I was tired. Ha. Had a decent night's sleep on Saturday and had a wonderful Sunday raking leaves in the sun with my husband. :)

Now it's time for a new week and I'm ready. I have some running goals this week and I'm hoping to get in some good ones that are not reminiscent of Thursdays slog run. 

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