Friday, November 22, 2013

No workouts, Snuggles and Dinner

I haven't had time to workout the past few days. It's ok, I don't need to work out every day. I'm just too dang busy with work and life right now for working out. :(

Wednesday was a good day with K. We had his appt and he did a great job. He's growing up nicely and is still up there in the 75-80%. He weighed in at 16.5 lbs. Go Kiddo Go! I gave him Infant's Tylenol BEFORE his shots this time and that seemed to help. He was a quiet and tired boy that night, but not too cranky... UNTIL... 7pm. He would NOT go down for his usual 6:30pm nap. I had to put him in the Boba (baby carrier) and dance with him in the kitchen until he fell asleep. He just really needed some extra cuddles. He didn't seem to want to go to bed at 9pm either and then he was up a lot in the night, very restless and feeling not great. Poor Goose.

Extra Snuggles with Mom:

Wednesday night Pete and I made a fun dinner though! We made Lamb and Red Pepper Pita Sandwiches from Cooking Light magazine. They were super yummy although I'm not used to eating red meat so my tummy was definitely chewing on those for a little while. The flavors you mix up in the food processor to put into the meat were really tasty! Here's the recipe we used and a picture of the results.

Last night my mom came over for a little time with K and we had dinner together. I whipped up a batch of quinoa and I bought a rotisserie chicken. I also got a green pepper and some carrots to dip in hummus. An easy but delicious dinner plan. K loved the time with his GMa. 

Like I've been mentioning I'm swamped at work, the other night I was holding K with one arm and testing emails with the other. That's definitely not quality time with my boy, but sometimes work deadlines loom.

That's all for now.  Hopefully I can sneak down to the gym at lunch today for a treadmill run or at least a quick lifting session. We'll see!

Any fun plans this weekend?!?! Feel free to leave comments here on the ole Blog.


  1. I plan on hanging with my baby and my lady!!

  2. Its so fun to see you guys working into your new roles as parents. Kudos to you two!!!