Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Recap, Tried Plated and Training Update

Hello Internet. We had a great weekend! A GREAT ONE! I think it had a lot to do with the weather. It finally got nice out this weekend. The nice weather is gone for the moment, but it was here for the weekend and we took good advantage.

Friday night Grandma Janet came over and had dinner with us. It was so nice to spend some time with her and then she was gracious enough to stay with our little Kellan dude while Pete and I went on a short date. We decided to grab an app and some beers at Freehouse which is in the North Loop. We both really liked it. I think Pete was drooling over owning a brew pub that cool one day of his very own. It was some really nice time together.

On Saturday we got a few house projects done, we took Kellan to swim lessons, we went for a LONG walk outside and soaked up some vitamin D. It was really nice. We also got a shipment from a company called PLATED. I tried out their service for only $20! They sent us all the ingredients, already measured out, for two recipes that I selected. You can try them too here: https://www.plated.com/invites/34af18 (that's a referral link - so no pressure - but in case you are interested).

Here are the recipes I selected:
I tried to choose things that looked really good to me but that I wouldn't necessarily normally cook at home.
Beef Bibimbap
Chicken Souvlaki Pitas

The Ingredients come already measured out for each recipe. Pretty awesome and all the ingredients were super fresh. I was impressed. 

We actually made the chicken pitas last night. It was fun because we were still cooking ourselves but we didn't need to pick up a ton of ingredients at the store and we didn't have a bunch of leftover product to try to use in another recipe. I think we will use the service occasionally to get a few meals. It was fun!

But back to the weekend. Saturday night we babysat the beautiful Eva girl. The kids played with each other - by which I mean they grabbed onto each other's clothes and pulled and looked at the same toys on the floor. Ha. They had a great bath together and I could tell they were both really interested in being in there together. Very cute. And we ended the night with matching fox pjs. Because how could we not? Elise and Tom went out to dinner for their anniversary and we were happy to have the time with our "niece". :)
On Sunday Mitch and Carly came over. We hung out on the back deck because the weather was gorgeous. We took the babies for a walk through the park to soak up the outdoors as much as we could. Carly made dog birthday cakes because it was Pepper's birthday and Wyatt's birthday is coming up on May 17th! Too cute. Those puppies really loved their birthday cakes from Carly!

Training is coming along. Pete and I were going to run outside with the BOB stroller on Sunday but the day got away from us and we were having too much fun. Monday I went for a 4.5 miler outside and today I got in 5 miles on the treadmill. The half marathon is inching ever closer. I've also started thinking about my other race this summer. We will be running Ragnar Great River in August. It's my favorite race of the year. I'll do a recap of our last Ragnar one of these days so those of you who have never experienced a Ragnar can see what it's all about.

Have any of you tried Plated? 

Do you have any fun races you are signed up for this summer?

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