Friday, April 25, 2014

Catching Up, Running on Sick Lungs, Kiddo Stuff

Ok it has been WAY too long since I posted. I promise I'll get better, but life has just been crazy since I got sick. Last week I finally got on antibiotics and started feeling better. I got in a couple of runs after 12 DAYS of absolutely no running. My training definitely got stinted and my pace is a lot slower than it had been. I put in a few runs last week though and Pete and I were able to log a 7.5 miler over the weekend. It was slow, but steady. I felt good about it after the break. This week my runs have kind of been all over the place - but most of them have been really tough. I'm hoping for a good run soon - just to help out mentally if nothing else.

Easter was fun - we spent the day with Pete's family. The weather was incredible. We took a long walk over at Grandma's house and then came home, put some sunscreen on and played in the yard!!

On Monday I didn't have much time for my run, so I decided to go fast. It was INCREDIBLY windy that day. It seems to be a theme on my runs lately - spring winds - and I'm really ready for some calmer weather runs. Anyway I went 4.5 miles at an 8:10/mile pace. It was REALLY hard. I'm sure I lost a lot of cardio conditioning when I was sick and I think my lungs are still recovering, but WOW. At the end of my run I knew that I had put everything into the run because I DRY HEAVED hahaha. Oh my goodness I haven't done that in a long time. I really put it all on the table I guess. I was proud of my effort but wish it would have equated into a little bit better of a run.

Wednesday this week was my day off with the K man. It wasn't the best weather, but I loaded him into the BOB stroller in the morning and we went for a run over nap time. He stayed awake and enjoyed the first 2 miles of the run - kicking his legs and talking to me from his seat :) It's been interesting running with the BOB so far. Here are my Pros and Cons so far.

I feel like running with the BOB will ultimately make me a better runner, but right now it's making my runs pretty tough. I'm looking forward to being more conditioned to push it. Wednesday's run was really windy and the BOB stroller is like a sail in the wind making it really tough to run into a headwind. 

But we made it 4.5 miles - my running buddy got a little tired somewhere in there :)

Kellan and I went to Southdale on Wednesday afternoon to play at the Southdale indoor play area. Grandpa Lind met up with us. It was a fun day. 

Wednesday later in the afternoon Kellan had his 9 month check up. He weighed in at 20lbs 3oz!! The doctor took a look in his ears. He had previously been on a round of antibiotics for a double ear infection 3 weeks ago. Apparently his left ear was STILL infected. Poor guy. I thought he seemed a little off lately. So we started a new round of stronger antibiotics and I'm hoping he'll be as good as new soon!

Having an ear infection doesn't stop Kellan from getting his work done though. Priorities people! If only he would let me blog. But NOOOO he has all this googling he needs to get done all the time ;)

I promise I'll get on more often to keep you all updated. I have some running goals this weekend and into next week. I would LOVE to clock a 10 mile run this weekend. We'll see how that all pans out. I really should just commit to getting it done, but we'll see. Next week I need to start doing some speed workouts.

Have a great weekend - get out and enjoy the weather when it's not raining! :) 

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