Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Longest Run, Planking for April and a REALLY Sick Monkey

Hello friends and readers ...

So to start out - I AM SO SICK. My little monkey got a chest cold (among other things) and I have been STRUCK DOWN with such a bad chest cold. It's hard to breathe, hard to sleep, hard to exist. BLECH. Luckily I am on the final really bad day (I think) and so hopefully it gets better from here.

My kiddo got sick last week and we had to pick him up from daycare on Wednesday. I stayed home with him Thursday and  then on Friday he stayed home with dad. Friday afternoon he started to get really wheezy so we took him to the dr. My poor little guy had diarrhea, a double ear infection, and wheezing associated with the chest cold he had. The wheezing comes from the fact that he had RSV when he was younger. BUMMER. So they put him on Amoxicillan, an oral steroid for his lungs and a nebulizer that we had to put him on every 4 hours. It was tough. You parents out there know what I mean. Sick kids just break my heart... there was a lot of snuggling mixed in with some crying... :(

In true kiddo fashion - he still had a lot of good moments. He's awesome :) Here he is hanging out with his new friend, Albert. A gift from his great Aunt Karen. 

So other than being sick and having a really sick kid at home, I completed my longest run. As in the longest run of my life! Ever! WHOO HOO! I completed 13.72 miles. My longest run previous to that would have been 13.1 miles a few times on race days. I've never been the kind of person to train for a race by running further than the race distance. I think my longest training run before a half marathon was always 11 miles. And then I would complete 13.1 on race day. So needless to say I'm pretty stoked and getting ready for this half marathon has been totally different than any other time I've trained. I'm not running my long runs fast.... at all. But getting in the miles has just been cool for me. I am on a running break this week due to my cold, but I'll be back at it as soon as these lungs clear up. 

I also took up the Fit Fluential April Abs challenge and I'm planking every day. The goal is to get to a 3 minute plank by the end of the month - which seems crazy!! But adding 5 seconds a day makes me think I can accomplish it. 

 Over the weekend we got to spend some time with family. Grandma Janet had a choir concert - so we went and hung out with the family and caught the show. Kellan loved hanging out with his cousin, Jameson and his Aunt Amanda. He had to keep his distance from his Aunt Carly, Uncle Mitch and little baby cousin Everett since he has a cold and I didn't want Everett getting sick.

We have lots of plans this week and I'll try to be sure to pop on and update you guys later this week. I have the day off from work tomorrow and I plan to spend it outside. At the zoo. Carly, Everett, Kellan and I will be tromping about learning about Lemurs. I am really looking forward to it. 

Anyone else have fun plans to be outside this week? It's supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow!

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