Friday, April 4, 2014

Running Update and a Sick Kiddo

Kellan has been sick. We had to leave work on Wednesday and pick him up from daycare early. Poor dude. Luckily he's still in a pretty good mood, just having a tough time napping and sleeping at night. On top of the stomach bug he has right now he also has a nasty cough. Bummer. I stayed home from work with him yesterday and he's home today with his Daddy. :) BOY DAY!

Anyway - I was able to hit the gym today. After a morning chat with a coworker about speed workouts I decided to do a tempo run.

Mile 1 @ 7.3 speed on the treadmill
Mile 2 @ 8.0 speed on the treadmill
Mile 3 @ 8.2 speed on the treadmill
Mile 4 @ 8.3 - 8.6 speed on the treadmill
Mile 4 - 4.5 @ 7.6 speed on the treadmill

I ran my first mile in 8:20/mile. I ran the next 3 miles with a pace of 7:19/mile. Then did a .5 mile cool down at about a 7:50/mile pace. I was really happy about all of that. Training is coming along nicely. Right now my general goal for the half marathon is to get a sub 8:30/mile pace. That's taking into consideration the fact that the Minneapolis Half Marathon course is known to be pretty tough and hilly. In all honesty my REAL goal is just to finish the half marathon, since it was a goal I set for myself while pregnant - to have a baby and then finish a half marathon. But I already know I'll finish so the 8:30/mile pace is just a bonus for now. We'll see how training goes and I may reassess the time goal as I get closer to the race date.

Have any of you been doing speed workouts lately??

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow for a friend that lives in Fargo. I am really excited to see her - especially to see how cute she is while pregnant!! Other than that it's a family day on Sunday - just spending some quality time with Kellan and Pete and meeting Papa Steve out for lunch :)

We've been doing some house projects lately, so we might tackle a little painting or something. We'll see. It really depends on the weather. We got a TON of snow last night but if it melts and it's nice out on Sunday I'll definitely want to be outside soaking up the sun instead of inside painting.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do I need to do a giveaway to get people to start commenting?!?!?!

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  1. Brea you always impress me with those speed workouts! If you're working on your endurance enough, I definitely think you can go faster than 8:30 per mile--shoot for 8:00. Hope Kellan feels better soon!

    I wouldn't say no to a giveaway :)