Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Run Update


So this week has been pretty good for running. I am finally healthy - knock on wood - and my runs are feeling better. Pete and I ran 10.5 miles on Saturday morning. It was a little tough because we had the BOB stroller, but we made it. I was very proud of both of us.

Monday I ran 4 miles on the dreadmill. It's been raining for months and months and months over here so no outdoor runs this week. I did another treadmill run this morning for 5 miles. Awesome. My plan is to run tomorrow, lift on Friday and then get in my long run again on Saturday. It's supposed to rain on Saturday so there's a chance it won't happen. To be honest if I don't get in my long run this weekend I don't really care. I have a 10 mile run scheduled with my friend, Elizabeth, for the following weekend and then I can do a 12 mile run the weekend after that. So we'll see what happens! :)

This week has been interesting - I'm seriously swamped at work. The Wild have been playing some crazy, late hockey games. We haven't been able to go out at night for walks like we were last week. Dang. I'm really looking forward to some better weather heading our way. A nice Sunday would really help. Hear that Mother Nature!? A nice Sunday please!!

I don't have any new pictures, but this picture from Easter is so cute of Kellan. He's saying - "look Mom at this super cool EGG!"

He is TOO cute - I die. Also - please note the weather. I would like a repeat of that please.

I participated in the April Plank Challenge and today I completed my 3 minute plank! WOW - that's an arm/shoulder burner. I will admit that I haven't been doing the daily plank for about the last week - but I made the 3 minute goal today. So a partial success.

We are going to go check out a few houses this weekend. We're casually perusing and excited to see where life might take us next.

I hope everyone is having a good week.

Anyone have any good runs planned out this week? 

Did anyone run the Get in Gear last weekend? How did you do? Leave a comment!

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