Monday, April 14, 2014

Kellan is 9 months

To start - I've been sick for 10 days. TEN. I have not worked out basically at all, except for I did commit to the April Abs challenge and have been doing at least 1 plank a day - most days I do a set of 3. Pete and I took Kellan for a 3 mile run yesterday in the BOB too. The first family run of many I'm sure. :) It's HARD to push a BOB while running. It's also hard to run while sick. I spent a lot of the run coughing. Awesome.

Anyway - on to more important things. Kellan is 9 months old today. Here's a letter for him, from me.

Dear Kellan,

Today you turn 9 months old. I can't believe how fast your life is whizzing by. Every day you amaze me with the new things you can do. You are pretty independent and I love that about you. Even when you are off doing your own thing you look back to make sure your Dad or I are watching. We're watching kiddo. You're definitely our favorite and we're always watching to see what cool thing you'll do next.

You've graduated from sitting up unassisted, to standing at the table, to pulling yourself up onto EVERYTHING. You can walk around the table as long as you are holding on and you love to pull anything you can off the table, including cell phones, remotes, kindles. Anything you are not supposed to touch you really, really want to touch. Specifically laptops. You would think that's because we are on them a lot but kiddo WE ARE NEVER on our computer at home. But still, whenever we open that computer to google an address or turn on some tunes, you come cruising from any corner of the house to POUND on the keyboard. Ha! Have I mentioned how strong willed you are? Well.... you don't like to be put into your car seat or the BOB but once we get moving you love it. I think it's because you don't like to be TOLD what to do. You don't like it that I'm putting you in there and strapping you in. You don't like to get your diaper changed either. You're independent. And that's cool. You are cool, my dude.

So anyway - even though you don't love getting put INTO the BOB - you love going for walks and we recently learned you love going for runs too. I hope that sticks. You also love the outdoors and that is awesome. Your Dad and I are outside whenever the weather allows, so it's going to be a great summer!

You are crawling and standing and walking holding things. I got you a walk assist toy at Goodwill and you cruise around the living room with that thing. You love finger foods and you love to be able to feed yourself. You like to eat what we are eating, although you'll still demolish an organic baby food pouch. So far you don't have any food allergies and I've really been testing the waters there. (KNOCK ON WOOD). You'll still let me snuggle you when you are tired. I'll rock you in the rocking chair with your warm little head resting on my shoulder. I know I need to hold onto the memory of your weight and your smell and the sound of your breathing. It won't be too long before you won't want that anymore. But for now I relish that you do. Snuggling mom is cool, trust me!! :)

I can't believe that in 3 short months you are going to be 1. You are going to be walking soon and I am so excited for you. I'm nervous too. You are a daredevil and I know you are going to make my heart stop more than once. We have the house pretty "baby proofed" but walking will likely add a whole new dimension to that ordeal.

Every day that you've been in my life has been my favorite so far. We are so excited to watch you grow into your own little personality. I know you're going to rock! You already do.

I love you more than I can explain, but I know you can feel it. I know that you know.

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