Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was chipped!!

This week has been a good week for workouts. I'm happy with myself. Whoo hoo. Go me! :)

Monday's Workout: 
Treadmill Run: 5 miles

I've taken to calling them DREADmill runs because I just want to get outside and run. Spring - PLEASE!!!

Tuesday's Workout: 
A serious lift session that included back, shoulders, abs, triceps and biceps. I'm still sore.

Wednesday's Workout: I had this Wednesday off with Kellan, but since it's our final Whip It Wednesday competition at work I did get a run in. I brought Kellan to a doctor appt in the morning and then dropped him at daycare just long enough to get in a run at LA Fitness.
Treadmill Run: 6.5 miles

After my run I went to hang out with my sister in law, Carly and my new nephew Everett. We had lunch and went for a long walk even though it was a little chilly outside. You know, just a couple of moms going for a walk on a Wednesday afternoon. Ha ha.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how my training for my half marathon has been unfolding. I just hope it continues to be as successful as time crawls on.

So! On Tuesday I came home from work to find this on my front step!

Right away I was excited because I love this brand. Food Should Taste Good has definitely graced my shopping cart more than a few times. And I knew what was waiting inside that box. Deliciousness. Healthy deliciousness. 

 Food Should Taste Good sent me a variety of their chips. SWOON! They make sweet potato chips that are made with all natural ingredients. Their chips have 25% less fat than other sweet potato chips. That means they are way better for me than regular chips. And here's the kicker - they taste awesome. We busted open the bag of Salt and Vinegar chips that very night and even Pete liked them. We can't wait to try the other flavors they sent - Sweet Potato chips in Barbeque and Salt and Pepper, in addition to the Salt and Vinegar that we already enjoyed. They also apparently make Kettle Corn chips. WOW. We are going to salsify some of those bad boys. SOON. I'll let you know how the other flavors are. I'm sure they are going to rock. Check them out at any store. I've seen them all over. Trust me - they are GOOD! And good for you! (And for those who care they are gluten free. I'm not. But they are.)

It's going to be a crazy week. My stepdad's birthday is tomorrow so we'll be heading to their house for a birthday dinner. Friday we have a baby sitter - whoo hoo - DATE NIGHT. Saturday night we are babysitting for Tom and Elise so we'll be staying in. Then Sunday we are going to get out and enjoy the warm weather that is supposed to be gracing us. Sunday night Pete is going to the Wild hockey game with Tom. I'll leave you with a picture of Kellan trying to play with Wyatt yesterday. Wyatt is very sweet with Kellan, but is much more interested in his toys. Just wait until Kellan can THROW your toys for you Mr. Wyatt. You may be changing your mind about this Kellan guy. He may well end up being your favorite person in the world. In fact I'm pretty sure that inevitable :)

Has anyone else tried Food Should Taste Good chips? 

Does anyone have any cool weekend plans?

Comment below!!

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