Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whip It Wednesdays

It's Pete's birthday today!! He's 32. Should I be telling the internet that? Does he care? He's younger than me so there should be no shame. Although for the next month we're the same age! Whoo hoo.

So at work we are doing a Fitbit challenge and we have a team head to head competition on Wednesdays. We call it Whip It Wednesday - as in Whip It Into Shape! It's a really cool program through my work. They gave all the employees a free Fitbit and they've set up challenges throughout the year. I'm lucky enough to be on our wellness committee so I get to help come up with the ideas. It's good motivation. So back to Whip It Wednesday -

I ran 7 miles over lunch. SEVEN! YAYAYAYAY! I am so happy - it's my longest run since before I was pregnant. Just inching ever closer as I start my half marathon training.

Wednesday's Workout: Treadmill Run
Distance: 7 miles
Time: 54:50
Pace: 7:50/mile

Tonight we will celebrate my husband's birthday. We're having Halibut - YUM! I put Kellan into a cute new outfit this morning. I don't ever buy full priced clothes for him, but I really like him to look nice. Whenever Gap has an additional 40% off their clearance items I go take a look. Some of the items are still overpriced in my opinion - even at 40% off the clearance price, but I've found some steals lately. I'll typically get the item if it's $6 or less - just to give you an idea of how hard I'm searching for the right deals ha.

Here's a picture from this morning (before I blow dried and styled my hair) of Kellan's new corduroy pants and cute onsie with a monster on it saying Feed Me. :)

What a cutie. I love him. 

It's supposed to be warmer here on Friday so I plan to do my run outside. Another 5 miler I think. I love running outside the first few times of the year. It's so liberating to be off the treadmill and and outside breathing the fresh air. 

Anyone else have any good run stories to share in the comments?
Do you like running outside for the first few times of the season?

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  1. Ok so I was just looking at this now that I've posted it and hahahaha how in the world that person is kicking up that much powdery snow is hilarious!