Monday, March 10, 2014

A shiner, a weekend, a nephew, some running

Friday at work I ran a little longer run during lunch. I had gotten into work early that day at 7am, so I figured a couple extra minutes at lunch would be ok. I got in 7.62 miles! WHOO HOO. It was still kind of icy out on the trails, but it felt good to be outside breathing the fresh air. I was able to run with my friend at work, Beans. I swear we talk the whole time and it just makes the run go by so quickly.

We picked Kellan up from daycare on Friday and the kiddo had his first shiner. Under his eye was red and kind of puffy. I think he met the mean side of a table or something. Which is not surprising because that kid just wants to stand, stand, stand all day long.

Of course he's healing like crazy cause that's what little kiddos do. Luckily.

We had a great weekend. Friday night we stayed in waiting for news of our new nephew's arrival. He didn't end up being born until Saturday. Saturday we took Kellan to his weekly swim lesson and then while he napped after class we grabbed a quick Big Jim IPA at Northbound Smokehouse near our house and some wings. We like to try to get out while the kiddo naps when we can and he's great about taking a snooze in his car seat. We just bring him in with us and if he happens to wake up we let him hang out and have a snack at the table :)

We did a big grocery shopping trip and cleaned the house and just kind of hung out at home. We were still kind of waiting to hear about our nephew and wanted to be available. Sunday we hung home. We painted a ton of trim on our main level. We are kind of contemplating potentially listing our house for sale so we are trying to get it ready for showings. We went for a walk outside in the amazingly warm weather. I wish the sun had been brighter, but it was still awesome to get outside. It was our first time using the BOB stroller and Kellan loved it. He fell asleep during our walk - it's the fresh air and it was nap time - and so we let him snooze for a bit once we got home.

After the walk and an afternoon nap we played in the house for a little while - and got really excited to go meet Kellan's new nephew :)

After a couple of hours we headed to the hospital to meet him! We were so excited to meet him and to see Pete's brother and our amazing sister-in-law. He is so adorable! I won't post pictures yet, but there will definitely be pictures coming. It was so awesome just to see him and he looked so healthy and it was just amazing :) I love being an aunt for the second time - and I can't wait to spend a little more time with him. We brought some champagne and toasted his arrival. Here's hoping his parents get some sleep in the coming month(s) ;)

Our cat has been super snugly since his surgery last month - so he spent a little quality time on my lap on Sunday night while we watched the Wild game.

And lastly my half marathon training plan OFFICIALLY started today. Pete and I are both following the plan. In the first few weeks the mileage goals are low so I'll modify where I feel like I can. This week calls for four 3-mile runs and a 5 mile run this weekend. I ran 5.2 miles outside today. It was amazing weather and I had to take the opportunity while I could.

No plans tonight. Just hanging with Pete and the kiddo. I'll try to upload some pictures I took of my nephew at the hospital and send them to my sister-in-law, but other than that no plans :)

Has anyone else had any good runs lately?

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