Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not a Good Night

Well we did not have a very good night last night. We went and picked the kiddo up from daycare and headed home. I was playing with him in his room when my cat came in and it looked like he was going to pee on the floor. So I yelled out his name - RIBLEY! - and he ran away. So strange.

We continued on with our night and I didn't really realize that the cat wasn't around for a few hours because we were busy, etc. So I went to our guest room and there the cat was standing on the guest bed in the peeing position. Just.... standing there. I kind of laughed and called my husband into the room to see. Then I started to get a little worried. I thought "did he eat some string and he's constipated?" I picked him up and could tell something was wrong. He started to howl and just overall didn't look good. Then we went to the basement and realized he had been throwing up. A quick google search brought up that he possibly had a blocked urethra which is LIFE THREATENING! I think you can already tell where this is going. My husband packed up the cat, while I stayed home with the sleeping baby, and brought him to the emergency vet. Or I should say the e$m$e$r$g$e$n$c$y vet.....

Just to back up a little here I love our cat. I've had him for almost 5 years and he's a snuggly cool guy. With us. With strangers he is a total DICK. He meows at people and kind of growls. He's a seriously unhappy camper with strangers. Which is a pain in the butt because we love having people over. So as cats go he's not the best but he's our cat and we love him.

So back to the story - Pete took him to the vet and yes he had a clogged urethra - which yes is life threatening. I googled it and because it's common in male cats it's also called "plugged penis" syndrome which is the only comedy that can come of this situation. They had to sedate Ribley since he was screaming at them and not happy to be there. They had to give him an IV of fluids and a catheter. Before Pete left he had to pay $2250. That's TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Not Doll Hairs - but real Dollars! Oh my god. It was that or put the cat down and we just couldn't put the cat down. Not when he'll have a full recovery in a few days. Eesh. The vet requires you to pay 75% of the high end of their estimate. Which means not only did we have to pay $2250, but when we picked the cat up we could owe more than that. MORE!

The vet called this morning and luckily Ribley is doing pretty well and it's looking like maybe it won't cost quite that much - maybe just under $2000. We'll see.

So yeah that was our night..... how was yours?

Ribley and Wyatt:

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