Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Workout (try it!), Teething, 7 Months

Ok to start out my kiddo turned 7 months old on Friday. Time is going too fast!!!
Photo: Happy 7 months to my little dude!
Kellan at 7 months old there are SO MANY things I love about you. You are about to crawl any day. It's frustrates you so much that you can't figure out how to move forward. In fact most of the times you try and end up pushing yourself backwards. I can understand how frustrating that must be, kiddo, but it's not long before you are going to be tearing around on your knees. You happened to be teething this weekend which is so sad and tough to watch. You will be playing happily and then start crying for what appears to be no reason. Your dad and I can see that angry tooth pushing through your top gums and I hope it pops out soon so we can have our incredibly happy, playful baby back. Your favorite thing to do right now is to stand. You love to stand at your activity table, holding onto the couch, holding onto mom or dad, you just love to stand. You can stand without our help as long as you are holding onto something and that just amazes me. You amaze me every day. You are talking up a storm - mostly just saying BAA BAA BAA BAA over and over again - sometimes mixing in a BLAA BLAA BLAA BLAA which is awesome. I love you kiddo more than you know. You love your weekly swim lessons and we love watching you learn. You know when I say Kick Kick Kick to kick your legs and how cool is that? You rock.

I had President's Day off yesterday and spent it with Kellan since his daycare was closed. I swear they are closed for EVERYTHING. I was hoping to drop him off at daycare and go to spin at the gym but alas no. Instead we battled the snowy roads and went to Southdale Mall for the afternoon with Elise and Eva. It was a really fun way to spend a day off.

To make up for no workout yesterday I was sure to hit the gym at lunch today. I tried out a new workout that I heard about from a friend. I tweaked it just a little at the end by increasing the speed every 30 seconds for the last few minutes - but I put together a little visual in case you want to try it out. I call it the Diamond Treadmill Run:

Workout: Diamond Treadmill Run
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 30:12
Pace: 7:27/mile

We went to our friend Tara and Ryan's new house this weekend. They bought a new construction house in Plymouth and SWOON! It's gorgeous and BUILT FOR ENTERTAINING. It's got me yearning to move even though we should probably wait another little while. I am so happy for them though - that house is awesome. It's going to be a great place to entertain and I expect we'll be out there enjoying it with them from time to time.

That's all I have for today. I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far.

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