Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fitbit - will it motivate me?

Ribley is home from the vet. We went and picked him up last night and even got a little bit of our money back since he didn't have to stay quite as long as they were anticipating. Or probably more realistically he was too crabby to stay longer. Ha. But he was quite happy to be home with us and was very snuggly.

I am on the Wellness Committee at work and we are giving out Fitbits to everyone in the company today. I've had mine for a few days to test it out. It's really interesting to see at an office job just how often you are SO inactive. It's kind of sad really. Here are my stats so far for today which include my run over lunch:

Today's Workout: Treadmill Run
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 30:07
Pace: 7:37/mile

I am pretty happy with my run. Went down there with the intention of just doing 3 miles. AGAIN. Sheesh. I had a side ache through the first 2 miles which was honestly pretty horrible but I forced myself to carry on and by 2.2 miles I was feeling better. How does that even happen?

I'll be curious to see if my new Fitbit motivates me to move more. There's a smiley icon on the face of the fitbit that gets frowny when you are sitting around too much. Guilting you into moving your buns. It seems like it will be a fun way to keep moving. Plus we'll be doing some friendly competitions at work and I love a good competition :)

Tonight I have my teams last broomball game. I'm excited but sad. Excited to play and sad that the season is over. Already. After the game a lot of the team is going to head over to a local brewery near the field - 612 Brew for a beer or two. 

(Photo from the 612 Brewery website)

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day and hoping the weekend gets here quickly.

Anyone have fun plans this weekend?

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