Thursday, January 2, 2014

The dude gets a helmet... and NYE

Well it's back to the daily grind. The holiday vacation time is all used up and it's back to work per usual. 

We had some great time off of work - spending time as a family and lots of time with K dude. He got fitted for his helmet a few weeks back and his appt on Tuesday was to get the actual helmet. He has plagiocephaly which is just a fancy medical term for a flat spot on the back of his head. It happened because we swaddled him and only laid him on his back. It's very common. It's a purely aesthetic problem - so the helmet was optional. We decided to go ahead with it since he will only have to wear it for 3 months and then he'll have a perfectly shaped little noggin. I figured he won't care about wearing a helmet now and then when he's older he won't have to worry about having a flat looking spot on his head. 

I ordered stickers from a girl on Etsy that designs roller derby helmet stickers. I asked her to come up with something that would make him look a little bad ass, and I think it turned out great. Our little future roller derby, football, hockey, la crosse, insert helmet sport here dude: 

I couldn't love that kid more. He doesn't seem to mind his helmet and he'll start wearing it 22 - 23 hours a day once he gets through the first few days breaking it in. Here he is bonding with his older brother, Wyatt. :) Wyatt is so patient with him letting him grab big hunks of fur and drooling all over him. He likes to give Kellan a few too many kisses - ha - but we're working on that. No kisses Wyatt! 

New Year's Eve ended up being so much fun. My sister in law suggested that we do a fondue night. We used to go once a year to The Melting Pot, but last year had a bad experience there and vowed we would never go back. This year we hosted a fondue party at our house with Mitch, Carly, Elise, Tom and baby Eva. 

(Party Babies)

It was so much cheaper and super fun. We made a cheese fondue with cheeses, beer and garlic. We also did two broth bases for the main course - a coq a vin and a mojo - both recipes replicating exactly what we would have gotten at The Melting Pot. And ended the night with a dairy free chocolate dipping sauce. It was so much fun and I feel so lucky to have great friends. We didn't get to bed until later than normal and then of course K had a tough night. Dang it. Oh well. I think he might have an ear infection so it's back to the pediatrician this week. We need to make sure he's in tip top shape because we LEAVE FOR MEXICO IN JUST OVER TWO WEEKS!!!


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