Thursday, January 30, 2014

A workout and a few more pictures

I am super stoked about my workout today. I actually remembered to bring my running shoes to work with me today! Go Mama!! I did not, however, bring a towel. Oh goodness.

I did not let this lack of towel deter me. I am going to get in my 3 workouts this week. I have to. I had been sort of just showing up at the gym for the last 3 - 4 weeks "getting in" the workouts I need. I haven't been focused on any goals or really pushing myself. It was the holidays, then I was sick and then we were getting ready to go out of town. And so I was just showing up at the gym and slogging through a workout so I could get one of my three check marks for the week. Which is fine. Some weeks are like that and hey I'm just glad I kept my promise to myself to get my butt to the gym.

Today I went down with the intention of running 3 miles. I wanted to get in a run that "counts" and for me that means it has to be at least 3 miles long. I wanted to check the box and call it a day. Especially since I was already bummed that I didn't have a towel and tonight I have broomball so I'll be running a lot tonight on the ice. But at the end of mile one I was feeling good. Not only was I feeling good, I was feeling competitive. I started to think about my running goals for the year and I just decided I wanted a solid run under my belt.

Thursday's Workout: Treadmill Run
Distance: 5 miles (yay!)
Time: 38:36
Pace: 7:43/mile - (hollaaaaa!!) This is a really good pace for me for this distance so I am really happy.

So yeah I was really excited about my run. Even when I had to use paper towels to dry off after my shower ha ha ha. Some days are just like that. You start a run and you FEEL it. Those days are awesome and I capitalize on them whenever I can.

I also uploaded my Mexico pictures from my camera - so here are just a couple other gems from our trip in case you aren't friends with me on Facebook to see them there. Starting with a picture of Kellan so pooped from swimming in the morning that I was able to change his diaper through a cry fest and couldn't even get his (dry) rash guard off before he passed out. We've never napped together like this so it was really special for me to have him sleep on me for a couple of hours. I even dozed a little myself at the end.

Obviously we had a blast and I miss Mexico already.

Tonight I have a broomball game. The game doesn't start until 9pm which means it will be later to bed than normal for me and it's likely that I'll be tired tomorrow.

I'm back to home cooked meals after eating out for every meal in Mexico. I love eating out on vacation but by the end of the trip you start craving plain meals. Or at least I do. So it's been nice to be home. We made some spicy minestrone soup on Sunday and had some turkey burgers and mashed potatoes this week. We're stocked up on turkey sausages and veggies. All the fruits in Mexico were SO GOOD and I miss then, but I was sure to pick up what fruits I could at the grocery store this week. Back to healthy :)

Hoping to get in a workout tomorrow as well, but some other lunch plans may push my third workout of the week into this weekend. We'll see.

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