Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Work is insane

Well like the title says - work is really insane right now. I did get in a workout yesterday. When I got to the gym all 4 treadmills, 3 elliptical machines, 1 stair climber and 2 bikes were in use! Crazy. I waited and the first machine to open up was the elliptical machine so I went for it.

Monday's Workout:
Workout: Elliptical
Time: 32 minutes
Distance: 6.10 miles
Program: Random on Level 8 to get a little quad burn going :)

No workout today. I am too busy with work. I am writing this post while I pump. At work. Ah life as a mom! I really wanted to get to the gym to lift today, but I just have too many projects popping right now and so I worked through my lunch. It's ok. Sometimes work is just that busy.

Kellan has been sick lately. Poor little dude has a bad cough and hadn't been sleeping well at all. He was waking up coughing with lots of congestion throughout the weekend. We had to go down to help him out a few times a night for a few nights in a row. Being sick is the pits, but snuggles from mom or dad helps! Last night he woke only once and then SLEPT IN. It was wonderful even though we were a little later than usual getting to work. I'll take the sleep when I can get it.

So this week I've just been spending lots of quality time with my little dude. Even though he's been sick and a little whiny when he doesn't feel good he's still full of smiles. I love that about him.

We went to my mom's house over the weekend since Pete had plans on Sunday. He was really digging hanging with their dog Amalfi. Adorable.

What else is new? Nothing at the moment. Busy with work and life. I'm working on holiday cards and buying all the remaining Christmas gifts I need to get. I need to start wrapping. I need to actually mail the Christmas cards once they arrive. I need to send out some baby shower invites for my sister in law's baby shower. Life is crazy with the holidays coming, but I am enjoying all of it.  

Any suggestions on new workouts I should try out this week? Leave ideas in the comments. 

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