Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kellan Day

As I've mentioned before I have every other Wednesday off from work. I took a slight pay cut so that I can spend that day every other week with my son. It's been so worth it and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to spend that time with him as he grows. And he is growing way too fast! Slow down kiddo, mama wants to savor every moment of your incredible development. The other day on the changing table he made probably 8 - 10 different sounds with his mouth and it reminds me that we aren't that far away from crawling... and talking... and walking. I need to enjoy every day.

Before I get into my day off - I did get in a workout on Tuesday. I got some really tough news from a good friend who was going through a tough time. I had her in my heart all day. The way I deal with stress or sadness is usually with a good run. I got on the treadmill and kept cranking the speed up until the tears at the corners of my eyes were at bay.

Tuesday's Workout
Workout: Treadmill Run
Distance: 4 Miles
Time: 31:18
Pace: Just under 7:50/mile

Ok so my day off. My husband and I were up somewhat early with a happy, active little guy in the morning. We were met with a new blanket of snow making the morning quite pretty even though the sun wasn't even close to rising yet. After my husband left for work I got Kellan down for a nap and put a lovely meal into the slow cooker. The plan was to have it bubble and cook all day filling the house with a warm, wonderful smell by the time the day was coming to a close.

With dinner successfully slow-cooking, I left to go meet up with two of my best friends. Our kids are sure to be great friends as they grow older and we love the opportunity to spend time together. When I arrived at my friend Elise's house she informed me that our other friend, Tara, had called with a flat tire. And not just a flat tire, but a flat tire in the middle of a snow storm with her twin 1 year olds in the van. I called Tara since I have plenty of experience changing tires and offered to come help. I inched my way back into the morning's traffic to her location. I think while changing her tire I looked a little something like this:

With the tire successfully changed - we headed to Elise's house for some much needed girl time. Oh and pizza. That was much needed too. Since I still can't have dairy I had to order half of it without cheese. And that was sad. So sad. But to be honest the pizza was really good. Even without cheese on it. Is that even technically pizza anymore?? :)

I had to leave around 2pm because my dog, Wyatt had a vet appt. I didn't really want to drive in the snow storm all the way to the vet, but I did. 

When we got home from the vet the house smelled amazing, just like I was hoping it would. It was warm and the Christmas tree was lit. I fed K and put him in his pack and play and shoveled the incredibly heavy snow. Blech. Then I put in some laundry. What a day!

All right, enough boring details. No workout today - unless you count shoveling and tire changing, both activities had me breathing heavy so it must have been good for something. 

I'll post this in the morning when more people are reading. Now I'm going to wait for my husband to come home from work so we can enjoy some chickpeas and chicken from the crock pot for dinner. 

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